Cantina Cà Matta winery originates years ago when Alessandro after the death of his grandfather Gianni decided to take complete charge of the farm that he had created with so much sacrifice and passion throughout his life.

Cantina Cà Matta today has become a small organic wine company managed at a family level, where everyone is an indispensable and fundamental gear to make the team work in everyday life.

Our wines are the result of a simple and clear concept: we love the land we work, the grapes, the vines, the air, the sun and our country Marano di Valpolicella.

Our winery is based on the principles of organic farming:

  • Keeping the entire ecosystem in balance
  • High quality production
  • Abolition of fertilizers and chemicals during cultivation, using fertile substances already naturally present in the soil.

Cantina Cà Matta expresses it self in a perfect combination of innovation and tradition of the Valpolicella territory by using energy and natural resources in a responsible way to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Finally, you will ask your self … why Cà Matta ?!

Life for us is like a game of poker… it doesn’t matter if you have good cards, but in knowing how to play well the ones you have, Matta stands for the Jolly, the lucky card… and it always takes a pinch of that!!